Monday, 22 January 2018

Five reasons why working hard now pays off later.

Five reasons why working hard now pays off later.

Build your future on a solid foundation.

All achievements are built on a solid foundation of hard work and persistence.  And the best way to ensure your success in the class room is to start working from day one.  It is sometimes very easy to decide to postpone homework or studying because there isn’t an exam in the next few months.  However, a few months can quickly turn into one month, one month turns quickly into a week and before you know it, it’s the day before your exam.  You have procrastinated far too long.  Don’t let procrastination get the better of you.  Here are 5 reasons why you should work hard now.

  1. When you work hard from the get-go you get into a habit of working hard and efficiently.  When you are already in a habit of working hard, studying for an exam doesn’t feel foreign.  This way you will work and study more productively in the long run.
  2. Doing your homework from day one you familiarise yourself with the content of the work and then when you start studying for the test you already know which topics are harder and on which modules you need to spend more time.  You can plan ahead more easily and find teachers and tutors in advance to help you with difficult topics. 
  3. All your studies build on top of each other.  For example, Grade 11 math is more complex than Grade 10 math, but the foundations of your Grade 10 math should be solid in order for you to understand Grade 11’s work.  If you work hard now, you will have a stronger academic foundation, not only for this year’s end-exam, but also for the following years.
  4. Working hard from the start takes the pressure off from studying for exams.  When you start to cram all the work in the night before an exam, you will feel flustered and tense.  That’s why starting off the school year with great work ethic will make the rest of the year much more enjoyable.
  5. Ultimately working hard leads to good grades which will open up a lot of doors in your future, including opportunities to go study at a university or work opportunities.  Who knows, by building yourself up through constantly working hard over the years to achieve your goals, you might become the CEO of a distinguished company.  

When you work hard you give yourself the best chance of succeeding.  Gary Player said, “The harder I work the luckier I get.”  When we put in the hard work, we will be rewarded.  

Do you ever procrastinate on your studies or do you always try to work hard from the beginning?  Share with us your experience about the benefits of working hard.

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