Monday, 28 May 2018

Last minute study tips to memorise learning material.

You are writing exams and you didn’t prepare ahead of time, like we told you… The whole family is worked up and you feel flustered. There isn’t enough time to understand the material in detail, but you have to write down something on your exam paper! What now? Use these 5 easy tips to memorise work.

We should never cram! However, sometimes there just isn’t enough time left to get everything done and now we need to study a lot of material in a short time. So how can we memorise a lot of work in a short time? Here are 5 easy ways you can maximise the little studying time left:

Study the terms and definitions.

When you study the terms and definitions given in a chapter, you are already preparing for 5 types of questions:  Multiple choice, Match Column B to Column A, Fill in the missing words, Short Questions and True or False Questions. You can even consider using these definitions in longer questions when you explain a concept. 

Get the broad idea.

If you aren’t finished summarising your work, then simply start by reading through the chapter’s headings, subheadings and sketches.  This helps to get a broad idea of the chapter and if you get long questions in the exam, you will at least have starting points for each argument.

Study Sketches and Diagrams.

Sketches and diagrams are normally easy to remember because it leaves a mental picture in our minds.  Memorise these sketches and diagrams because you will most likely be asked to either explain or reproduce the sketch.  Make sure you get all the marks for the sketch, including the title, labels and neatness.

Focus on what your teacher said in class.

Chances are your teacher mentioned what is important in each topic when they taught during class.  We hope you were listening, because chances are they will be asking questions about what they know is important. If you can’t remember if they mentioned something as important, ask your teacher again or ask friends.

Read through your notes one last time before bed.

Your brain is a powerful tool. Even if you go to bed, your brain will still process information while you sleep. So when you are done working out practice exam papers and studying for the night, go bath and put on pyjamas and before you go to bed, read through your notes one last time. That’s why it’s very important to get a good night’s rest before your test the next day.

We know studying for exams can be frightening, especially if you know you haven’t prepared the way you wanted to.  However, there is one thing you can always do before a test – visualise how well you are going to do.  When you visualise yourself writing the exam and believing you will do well, you already have an advantage above all else.  “Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it.” C. Assaad

Tell us about your experience with cramming and how you cope studying for exam.  We wish everyone the best of luck with the exams that lie ahead!

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