Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Exam Preparation Tip No. 1


Determine the dates of your exams and insert it into your calendar. It is important to set up a schedule and have dedicated time slots for study, revision work through past exam papers.
Plan various study and review sessions at least a week in advance of each exam, rather than leaving all the work to study in one session the day before the exam.

Read through each subject’s programme and its outcomes to get an overview of the work to be studied.

Set specific study goals and outlines what needs to be done. Your schedule may be more flexible further away from exams, but it should become more concrete as the exams approach.

Your study plan should be logical and realistic. Less time should be appointed to work that is easy so that sufficient time remains for work that is more difficult and requires a lot of study and practise. 

Allocate some time to do practice exam papers, because it will indicate whether you have mastered the work or not and whether you need further study on certain sections.

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