Monday, 24 October 2016

Exam Preparation Tip No. 4


Make studying a part of your daily routine. Set out specific times to study every day, and appoint specific subjects or topics of a subject to specific times. It will eventually become a habit. 

If you did not commit to your study plan or did not start on time with your schedule, do not put it off or leave it until later, start immediately as you will only fall further behind!

Study when you have the chance, even if it is for a short period. These short study periods eventually add up to many hours. 

Create a balanced study plan. This will ensure sufficient time to study a subject in its entirety. You will much more likely perform better in your exams than cramming all the work in a short period of time. 

When setting up your study plan, it is important to remember that the human brain is in its most active state between 5 am to 8 am in the morning and between 7 pm to 11 pm during the evening. When you study during these hours your brain has the maximum retention power.
Also, do not force yourself to study when you are extremely tired. It's better to get a good night's sleep after studying for a short time than to wear yourself out. You will most likely drop in performance the next day as you won't remember much.

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