Monday, 31 October 2016

Exam Preparation Tip No. 9


Do not allow distractions to interfere with your study session. This might include any distractions in the room, people, noise or technology. Distractions are detrimental to study time, because you lose concentration. Your brain needs to switch its attention from studying to something else every time something interrupts or distracts you from your work. It makes it more difficult for your brain to prioritize the information and retain the information that way. Very few people can actually successfully multitask, despite what they think.

Do not let social media, your cell phone or the television distract you.
Listening to music may become a distraction when studying if you pay more attention to the catchy rhythm or the lyrics, instead of your study material. However, the effect music has on the performance of individuals varies greatly. Studies have shown that it did aid the memory performance of individuals with ADD/ADHD.
If you have the need to listen to music while studying you should either listen to soft instrumental music, or classical music as research has proven it to be most effective - it allows the brain to be more receptive to receive new information. Another alternative might be to listen to recorded sounds of nature such as rain, forest sounds and the ocean – it will assist your brain in staying active and prevent other background noises from distracting you.

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