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Most parents want to ensure their children receive the best education possible, because success at an early age can make all the difference to their future. Unfortunately, most parents are not familiar with today’s educational environment or current curricula.

ASP-SchoolProjects offers invaluable resources that will assist the children’s development from early stages all the way through high school. We have assembled an unrivalled range of educational materials that can give learners an effective boost in their academic progress. ASP-SchoolProjects has rapidly become the prime choice for parents, educators and supported learners looking to achieve excellence in their education.

Research has shown that practice tests are one of the most effective ways to study. Consequently ASP-SchoolProjects has developed a wide range of exam papers and practice tests to prepare learners for the types of questions they’ll face on some of the most important days of their lives. Our high-quality materials can be a vital part of any homework support, ensuring students are fully prepared to fulfil their potential at school. Learners quickly realise the benefits of our practice tests, meeting the challenges of real exam situations with less anxiety and far more confidence in their own ability.

ASP-SchoolProjects offers:
Valuable practice test and exam papers with answers for self-testing
Study guides as additional learning material
Spelling and grammar rules for English and Afrikaans languages
ASP School Encyclopaedia for school projects, homework and enhanced learning

ASP-SchoolProjects’ practice exam papers are compiled in such a manner to ensure the learner is fully prepared for the examination.  We stimulate left and right brain activity by including the following in our papers:

Definition of terms
True or false and supplying the correct answer if false
Match column A to Column B
Diagrams and sketches
Fill in the missing words
Multiple choice
Short questions
Long questions

At ASP-SchoolProjects we are committed to delivering the best possible assistance to learners with tests and learning material that:
Will enhance the quality of the learning process
Are well-designed and diligently compiled
Support learners to achieve outstanding results
Are updated and supplemented regularly
Are easy to use and accessible for every student!  

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