Monday, 12 February 2018

Valentine's Day ideas for your kids.

Some great ideas how you can show your kids you love them this Valentine’s Day.

“All you need is love!  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”
~ Charles Schulz 

This week is Valentine’s Day! We’re sending warm wishes for a wonderful week, filled with love and happy moments. Valentine’s Day means spending time with the people you love!

Here are some great ideas how you can show your kids you love them this Valentine’s Day:

1. Make Valentine’s Day Cards
There is nothing old fashioned about a handmade card to say that you care about someone! Decorate Valentine’s Day cards together with your children. Cut out paper heart shapes and be creative with other decorations. Write a special message inside or even compose your own poem.

2. Leave a Secret Note
Write out a small note and leave it in your children’s school bags or pencil cases to tell them they are loved. Tell them you are proud of all they have accomplished and that they make you as a parent extremely happy. 

3. Creative Lunch Box
Heart-shaped sandwiches are easily made, yet adorable Valentine’s Day lunch box snacks. Make heart shaped whole-wheat sandwiches with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Your kids will definitely feel loved and be thinking of you at school. 

4. Sweet Frozen Treats
Take your kids for an ice cream, frozen yogurt or ice lolly! No kid can ever feel unloved when having ice cream! You can even be creative and make your own healthy ice lollies with delicious fruits.

5. Heart Shaped Cookies
Bake heart shaped cookies with your kids when they get home from school. It is a fun activity for them to add the toppings. 

6. Watch their Favourite Movie
After your kids have completed their homework, watch their favourite animation movie with them. How about Lady and the Tramp or Beauty and the Beast?

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your family and loved ones.

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